When is the best time to buy?

Well do you really want to know the best time to buy? That depends…new or used?

Well if you are buying new the end of the month is where you get your best deal. Typically they have quotas they have to reach at the end of the month with the manufacturer. Also they sales goals are based on the month end.

If you are buying used the best time to buy is today! Alright well a little more info is to purchase according to the season. If it’s spring 4WD vehicles will typically be priced to move, or fall for sports cars and convertibles. Also if you’ve noticed a vehicle on the lot for quite a while then the dealership will be more willing to sell it at a better price.

Most of all remember here at All City Auto we price our vehicles competitively to give you a great deal no matter what day it is! So stop by today 🙂


Good Deal, Great Deal, Fair Deal.

There are so many sites now telling you the vehicle you found is worth this and that and how good of a deal it is.  How do you know who to trust? Who’s right?

The answer is none but all.  As a consumer the way to feel fully informed is to do your research, not just on one site but on several.  Also don’t be afraid to ask the dealership to explain the service work that was done to the vehicle.  On the site that gives you Great, Good, and Fair deal listings on vehicles could be completely off because a dealership that brings in a vehicle and does nothing to it can price that vehicle extremely lower than the rest while your best deal is purchasing a vehicle that has had service done to it and is ready for you to drive away.

Know what the “books” are for.  A book value is determined by some vehicle valuation fairy in the sky and in many cases is better used as a guide and not fact.  Comparative pricing is usually more useful to determine true market value of a vehicle, this will give you real world comparisons.  Look online and check your region on what other dealers may be pricing the same exact vehicle for and use that as a jumping off point.

Really what it all boils down to is stopping in driving the vehicle kicking the tires and looking the salesman in the face and asking for their best deal.  If you love the vehicle and can agree on a price then you’ve found the right vehicle and now you get to enjoy your new ride!

Thanks for reading, and have a great day!

How to keep your washer fluid from freezing up solid.

There are several ways to help you from having your washer fluid freeze up.

1. Add rubbing alcohol typically the highest strength works best.  Add it to your winter washer fluid, there is no perfect formula if your fluid happens to freeze add some more.

2. Vinegar can help the fluid from freezing.  What I’ve seen has been 2-parts washer fluid to 1-part Vinegar.

3. Dump deicer spray in the washer fluid tank.  Like 1/2 a bottle to the full fluid tank.

When you live in the frigid north it is important to anticipate the winter season and be ready for the cold ahead of time, you could even pre mix some bottles and keep in your car or garage so you are ready for the cold.  Also many times your freeze up is not in the tank but in the tips that shoot the fluid or in the lines, in that case you must get the vehicle warm to unthaw.  Another handy tip is taking a small item like a paperclip to make sure obstructions are cleared from the end of the spray tip.

(Disclaimer: These are suggestions and have only been what has worked in our experience and cannot be held liable if any of these suggestions do not work or cause any damage to your property.)

Winter fun!

The winter up in the great frigid north can be especially hard on your vehicle especially the battery.  If you stop in to our dealership and you happen to run into a vehicle with a dead battery don’t let it discourage you we will make sure you have a good battery when you drive away!  Here is some information from GNB Systems talking about batteries in the cold.

“How does excessive cold affect my battery?

Extreme cold dramatically reduces the speed at which chemical reaction can occur, while increasing electrolyte resistance.

It is important to keep batteries at a full charge during periods of extreme cold. Batteries in a discharged state are susceptible to freezing, which can cause damage to the plates and battery container. Automobiles demand more from a battery in freezing temperatures as the motor oil thickens and makes the engine harder to crank.” http://www.gnbsystems.com

Thanks for reading, keep checking back for great tips on buying, selling, trading, and maintaining vehicles.