Winter fun!

The winter up in the great frigid north can be especially hard on your vehicle especially the battery.  If you stop in to our dealership and you happen to run into a vehicle with a dead battery don’t let it discourage you we will make sure you have a good battery when you drive away!  Here is some information from GNB Systems talking about batteries in the cold.

“How does excessive cold affect my battery?

Extreme cold dramatically reduces the speed at which chemical reaction can occur, while increasing electrolyte resistance.

It is important to keep batteries at a full charge during periods of extreme cold. Batteries in a discharged state are susceptible to freezing, which can cause damage to the plates and battery container. Automobiles demand more from a battery in freezing temperatures as the motor oil thickens and makes the engine harder to crank.”

Thanks for reading, keep checking back for great tips on buying, selling, trading, and maintaining vehicles.


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