When is the best time to buy?

Well do you really want to know the best time to buy? That depends…new or used?

Well if you are buying new the end of the month is where you get your best deal. Typically they have quotas they have to reach at the end of the month with the manufacturer. Also they sales goals are based on the month end.

If you are buying used the best time to buy is today! Alright well a little more info is to purchase according to the season. If it’s spring 4WD vehicles will typically be priced to move, or fall for sports cars and convertibles. Also if you’ve noticed a vehicle on the lot for quite a while then the dealership will be more willing to sell it at a better price.

Most of all remember here at All City Auto we price our vehicles competitively to give you a great deal no matter what day it is! So stop by today 🙂